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PCD Angel Donation


Each year in the UK, over 100 children are diagnosed with a debilitating, lifelong illness called primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD). It is estimated that at least 3000 people in the UK have PCD. Symptoms often begin soon after birth, with babies needing oxygen because of difficulties breathing. The children suffer recurrent ear and chest infections, meaning they miss a lot of school. They often need hearing aids and some find that their lungs are permanently damaged, with some eventually needing surgery to have part of their lung removed or a lung transplant, typically during adulthood.

Once their illness is correctly diagnosed, children are given regular, twice-daily physiotherapy, which helps clear their lungs. Many also take antibiotics on a regular basis to tackle infections. The right treatment can relieve children’s suffering, help stop their illness from getting worse and protect their lungs from permanent damage. However, PCD sometimes goes undiagnosed, or is mistaken for other illnesses, such as cystic fibrosis or asthma, which cause similar symptoms. Even if PCD is suspected, diagnosis is complicated and unpleasant, with children having to undergo several tests at specialist centres, including biopsies of the lining of their nose.


Some individuals with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia have abnormally placed organs within their chest and abdomen. These abnormalities arise early in embryonic development when the differences between the left and right sides of the body are established. About 50 percent of people with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia have a mirror-image reversal of their internal organs (Situs Inversus Totalis). For example, in these individuals the heart is on the right side of the body, instead of on the left.

About PCD Angel

My son Malachi was born with Situs Inversus and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia, also known as Kartageners Syndrome. The idea for creating the PCD Angel began, when I became captivated by an Angel Pendant I saw Fern Britton wearing on TV whilst interviewing June Brown. I had recently been in hospital with Malachi for two weeks as he had needed intravenous antibiotics and whilst in, I had read a beautiful book about Angels (Angels in my Hair) written by Lorna Byrne. I scoured the Internet and managed to track the Angel Pendant down to an Ebay store. I contacted the Jewellery Designer, Sarah Clarke of Fluid By Design who confirmed it was the exact same pendant I had seen, it eventually transpired that after requesting Sarah's address, that she lived a 10 minute walk from my home!

We found that we had a mutual love of Angels and Jewellery, as I had been in the Jewellery Trade for 22 years before leaving to become a full time carer to Malachi. Sarah was interested to learn more of PCD rolex replica watches and she suggested creating a PCD Angel to generate funds for The PCD Family Support Group and to also raise awareness. The support and encouragement we have received has been incredible. Sarah has designed and created some beautiful pieces of jewellery for our PCD Angel Family, while I organise the sales, admin and raise awareness.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of you who have purchased a PCD Angel so far (and to those who will!). We have sold 100 PCD Angels, with some flying internationally! This has enabled us to donate £1000.00 to the PCD Family Support Group.

Please follow me on Twitter @PCD_Angel or see my Facebook Page: PCD Angel Jewellery, to keep track of our fundraising progress


PCD Angel Pendant



incl. P&P
Item Spec: The hallmarked solid sterling silver PCD Angel pendant is a unique piece and has been created by carving. It is a comforting, tactile piece of jewellery and is suspended on an 18” sterling silver snake chain.

PCD Gold Heart Angel



incl. P&P
Item Spec: We have developed the original PCD Angel by adding an individual small gold polished heart, slightly leaning towards the right, this is a subtle reference towards those people who are Situs Inversus. It is hallmarked sterling silver and is complimented perfectly by the heart, the contrast of metals ensures that the heart stands out. A stunning individual piece which is suspended on an 18” sterling silver beaded snake link chain.

PCD Gold Angel



incl. P&P
Item Spec: A truly stunning piece of jewellery, once again it has been created to reflect the heart leaning slightly to the right. A tactile, comforting pendant with a wonderful warm gold honey glow. It is hallmarked 9 carat yellow gold and is suspended on an 18” 9 carat yellow gold snake chain.

Peanut Pendant



incl. P&P
Item Spec: Introducing 'Peanut' Sarah's newest addition to the PCD Angel Family. Small, cute and fun to wear. This is the baby of the PCD family measuring only 20mm x 14mm, it comes suspended on an 18" sterling silver chain. (16" is available upon request)

Original PCD angel shown for scale purposes only - Peanut Pendant for sale only

Peanut Bracelet



incl. P&P
Item Spec: : Introducing the Peanut Angel Bracelet. Seven individual Peanut Angels have been attached together resulting in a truly beautiful, tactile bracelet, each conncecting link is soldered for strength. The bracelet measures 20cm.
Original PCD Angel shown for scale purposes only - Peanut Bracelet for sale only.

Peanut Earrings



incl. P&P
Item Spec: Introlducting the Peanut Angel Earrings. Another variation using the newest edition to the PCD Angel family. Sarah has created these beautiful drop earrings with peanut, they are solid silver and are suspended from hook ear fittings.

Peanut Bead



incl. P&P
Item Spec: Introducting the Peanut Bead. Sarah has encased a tube of silver with Peanut, creating a beautiful bead, a beautiful addition showing your support on your favourite bead bracelet.
Peanut Pendant shown for example purposes only, Bead for sale only.


Free Postage & Packing to UK Mainland. International and non UK mainland customers please contact me for a shipping quote before ordering.

I will normally dispatch within 2 working days of receiving cleared payment.

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